Reverse Phone Lookup

What Info Can You Find with a Reverse Phone Lookup?

Get the basic information you need for just about any unknown phone number, whether it is a cell phone or landline number. Simply enter a number into the phone number search field above to get information about the phone number owner’s name, the owner’s address and other phone numbers, as well as information on any previous owners of that phone number.

The USA People Search reverse phone lookup even gives you access to info about unlisted and non-published phone numbers. So, you can know right away if you should answer a call coming from an unknown number, or if you should block it.

How to Search for a Phone Number

For the most accurate and complete reverse phone lookup results, enter a complete 10-digit phone number into the search box above. Please include a valid phone number area code.

Example Search:

  • 203-987-6543
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Performing a Reverse Phone Lookup

Have you ever looked over your phone bill, or seen an unknown number that’s just called, and wondered who it was? Well, you can find out quickly by performing a reverse phone lookup. And those are just a couple of the reasons why many people decide to do a phone number lookup at USA People Search.

Other Reasons to Perform a Phone Number Search

  • Discover the city and state of the phone number
  • Find out if a phone number is a landline or cell phone
  • Verify the current and past owners of a number
  • View other public information associated with the phone number

So, if you are looking for any of those kinds of information, simply conduct a reverse phone search on USA People Search.

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Reverse Phone Lookup Articles

To find out more about the reverse phone lookup process and results, browse through the following informational articles:

Other Ways to Search for People

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Reasons to do a Reverse Phone Lookup


Make sure the person you’re dating is really who they say they are. Confirm their name, address, and other vital information with a people search.

Planning a Reunion

Find old classmates far and wide with a people search at USA People Search. See where they are now and the various ways you can reconnect with them.

Buying Online

Make sure you feel comfortable committing to an online buying transaction by confirming a seller’s basic information with a people search or address lookup.

Stopping Telemarketers

Make sure you know who’s really behind that unknown phone number that keeps calling or texting. Find the owner and their other contact information with a reverse phone lookup.