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Unclaimed Money and Property

What Info Can You Find About Unclaimed Money?

Millions of dollars become lost every year due to mistakes made by financial institutions and government agencies. Americans have become aware of this, and are finding out every day that they may be owed particular sums of money. Find out if any of it belongs to you.

Do keep in mind that it is not enough to just pinpoint this money; it has to be claimed. The entire process to do so has to be accurate in order to avoid any legal problems.

You can begin the process by submitting a claim form along with certain forms of identification, like a driver’s license, identification card, birth certificate, or social security card. Make sure that the form is filled in correctly and that you submit copies of important documentation. Remember to follow up on your claim so you can get back the unclaimed money that rightly belongs to you.

The claiming procedure is simple and effective, but it should be carried out quickly in order to prevent any more delays.

There are vast amounts of unclaimed money and property under the protection of state treasuries around the country. Did you know how simple it is to find the unclaimed money or unclaimed property that could legitimately belong to you?

How to Search for Unclaimed Money

For the fastest and most accurate unclaimed money results, try to input as much information as you can about yourself into the search fields. You can search with your name, address or phone number.

Example Searches:

  • Mike Smith San Diego CA
  • 2345 Main St San Diego CA

Performing a Search for Unclaimed Money

There are various forms of unclaimed money you might want to claim, including:

  • Money or property from an inheritance
  • Misdirected tax refunds, due to a change of address not updated with the IRS or US Postal Service
  • Deposits that were not properly refunded
  • Unclaimed savings bonds and bank funds
  • And much more!

No matter what your particular reason is for wanting to check on unclaimed property or money owed to you, start your search right here at USA People Search.

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