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USA People Search Testimonials

We love hearing from people who have reconnected with loved ones or found essential information after visiting USA People Search . Your stories are important to us, and we'd like to share a few with you.

My old childhood friend moved away when we were still teenagers, and I never heard from her again. All I had was her name and an old phone number. I couldn’t find her by her name, so I finally tried the phone number and happily that did work. I got her new number so now we talk all the time. Thanks for your help,

- Megan R.

My wife's mother had a half brother she had lost contact with over forty years ago. I found him on USA People Search instantly. She called him and they have been getting reacquainted ever since.

- Tim D.
Greenley, CO

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I never thought I’d see my dad again, but I found him on your website. We're both so happy, he was looking for me the whole time I was looking for him, but until I visited here we never had any luck. I can’t believe we wasted so much time, I’m glad I finally found your site. Thanks again!

- Franklin O.

I am an artist, and have dealt with a lot of special people over the years. There were a few in particular that I always wondered about, but never knew. One day I decided to try and find them, and so I did a little research online. I heard about something called a people search, which was supposed to show me how to get in touch with people from my past. So, I visited USA People Search online, and I did find some of these incredible people. It was so nice to catch up and find out everything that they’ve been doing.

I'm going to continue using this site. There are several more people I’d like to contact. Hopefully I'll have the same good luck that I’ve experienced so far. Thank you for your efforts, I just wanted to know they are appreciated.

- Brenda H.

I came across this website when I was 16 years old searching for my biological sister. At the time, I didn't think finding her was possible with just a name, age, and city that she may not even live in. Thanks to your website I found her and have been able to spend almost 5 years with her now. With that I have also met several family members and got to spend time with my grandfather before he passed away. Also within these 5 years I am now a proud aunt for almost 2 years. I am so thankful for this website and also thankful for how reasonable the prices are for information.

- Kait M.