About USA People Search

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What USA People Search Does For You

USA People Search launched in 2004. Since then, we've reviewed and revised the site to make it fast, efficient and easy to use. This site makes it easy to find people using a name, phone number or address.

People Search by Name

All you need is a first and last name. You can also include a city, state, zip code, age or DOB for more focused results. Here are some examples of how to do a search:

  • John Smith
  • John A Smith
  • John Smith, Los Angeles, CA
  • John Smith, Los Angeles, CA, 45
  • John Smith, 12/1/1956

People Search by Phone Number

You can search for a number with or without the area code. The more complete the number is, the better your results will be. Sample reverse phone searches include:

  • 555-5656
  • 924-555-5656
  • 5555656
  • 9245555656

People Search by Address

Enter as much of the address as you know. You can search with just a street address, but including a city, state or zip code will improve your search results. Search with variations of an address, such as:

  • 1234 Fake Street
  • 1234 Fake Street, Cityville, CA
  • 1234 Fake Street, #4, Cityville, CA
  • P.O. Box 1234, 95888
  • P.O. Box 1234, Cityville, CA

After you enter your search criteria, click the "Search" button and we'll show you a list of results. Use it to find the person you're looking for and click the "View Details" button next to their name. Then choose the service that's right for you and get your report instantly.

People Search Tip

Some people have very common names. If you try a search and get too many matches, we can help. Our Advanced Search options enable you to include more information to narrow down your results.