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USA People Search Focus

USA People Search provides current, concise and comprehensive information about people in the United States.

We understand that you're not just looking for data. You're looking for people. That's why we offer the Web's fastest and most reliable people search service. Our goal is to help you find anyone instantly.

When you use USA People Search, you get access to the most recent public records. These records include full names, phone numbers, addresses and other useful information. It's the easiest way to find people today, or learn more about them.

We're more than people search professionals.

Millions of people rely on us when they want to find someone in the United States. We also provide comprehensive background checks, criminal records and public records to help you learn more about any individual. Our system sorts through billions of records in dozens of databases to find information on almost anyone.

At USA People Search, you're in control. Our site empowers you to:

  • Find family, friends, former colleagues, classmates, military buddies or anyone else
  • Update contact information
  • Get the details you need to plan reunions and reconnect with your past
  • Discover who owns any phone number
  • Thoroughly review anyone's past with our authoritative background checks
  • See if someone you know has a criminal record
  • Research people who may spend time in your home or with your family
  • Make informed decisions about people before you get involved

Immediate Results. Accurate Information. Committed Service. Welcome to USA People Search.