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People Search

Find anyone in the USA with our people search. This is not your basic white pages search; we have literally billions of public records online that go back over 20 years. Results include name, age, dob, address history, phone number, relatives, and more.

Background Check

Our criminal background check is the most comprehensive in the industry. It is compiled from billions of records and dozens of databases. Online results are instant.

Criminal Records

Search nationwide criminal records. Reports include name, address, dob, race, conviction date, sentence, physical description, and more.

Property Records

Search nationwide property records. Results include name, address, date last sold, property value, and more.

Marriage Records

Find out if someone is married or has been married. Uncover marriage certificates issued by government agencies.

Divorce Records

Search for divorce filings in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, and Texas.

Bankruptcy, Tax Lien & Judgment Records

Identify current and up to 20 years of bankruptcy filings, state and federal tax liens, and civil judgments for people and businesses.

Unclaimed Money

Millions of dollars become lost every year due to mistakes made by financial institutions and government agencies. Find out if any of it belongs to you.

Sex Offenders

Search for registered sex offenders in your area. You can search by name, or just a city and state or zip code.

Death Records

Our death records search comes from the Social Security Administration Death Master File. Find people who have been reported deceased and have social security numbers.

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