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Reasons to look up marriage records:
Find out if someone is currently married.
Investigate whether a significant other was previously married.
Research during a comprehensive background check.
Check up on an old boyfriend or girlfriend.
Find out if someone is married or has been married. Marriage records are compiled from state and local government agencies.
Marriage Records
California (1960-1985)
Colorado (1975-2004)
Connecticut (1966-2002)
Florida (1970-1999)
Iowa (1835-1926)
Illinois (1793-1920)
Kentucky (1973-1999)
Maine (1892-1996)
Minnesota (1975-2003)
Nevada (1968-2000)
Ohio (1970-2004)
Texas (1968-1998)
Utah (1800-1999)
West Virginia (1931-1970)
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