USA People Search Help

How do I find the exact person I am looking for?
We made USA People Search extremely easy to use so you can find your subject quickly. Each search page will list what you can search by. For example on our people search you can search by name, address, or phone number to locate your subject. When you get your results back you can click on each name until you are sure you have found who you are looking for. You may want to then purchase a report on your subject. Our background checks are extremely comprehensive. They provide the maximum information that is available to consumers.

What products does USA People Search offer?
The core of our business is our people search. It is unrivaled in the industry. Find just about anyone in the US in under a second. We list all aliases, cities, and relatives of each search result in order to make it easier to positively identify your subject. We offer criminal background checks, property records, marriage & divorce records, unclaimed money, public filings, and many other products.

I get so many results, which one is my subject?
If you are searching on a fairly common name, you may very well get back 100 results, even when selecting a state. When this happens you will want to further refine your criteria. Try entering a city that they have lived in. This should lower the search results to a more manageable level, allowing you to positively identify your subject.

Why should I buy from USA People Search?
We have the largest collection of public records available. Our information is updated monthly and is highly accurate. Our background checks cross-reference over 2 dozen individual databases and scan over 5 billion records to create the most complete report available to consumers. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our dedicated team of customer support specialists are here to answer all of your questions and to make sure you find exactly what you're looking for.

How do I contact customer support?
Please click here to contact customer support.

How do I search by name?
Enter the name of your subject. You can also enter a city and state or zip, age, or date of birth.

Example Input:
JOHN SMITH 12/1/1956

How do I search by phone number?
Enter the phone number, with or without area code.

Example Input:

How do I search by address?
Enter the full address in the search box. You can search with zip code, or city and state.

Example Input:
1234 Oak st 95888
1234 Oak st cityville ca
1234 Oak st #4 95888
1234 Oak st #4 cityville ca
po box 1234 95888
p.o. box 1234 cityville ca

Is ordering from your website safe?
USA People Search uses state of the art 128-bit encryption. Your payment information is more secure with us than it is in your wallet.

I got an error when ordering, did I get charged?
If there was a problem with processing your order and you received an error message, you should contact customer support right away so they can fix the problem.

How do I go back and view my previous orders?
You can view all of your previous orders by clicking on 'My Account', or, if you are not logged in, login to the site using the email address you entered when registering along with the password we sent to that email address, and then click 'My Account'.

How do I change my account information?
Click 'My Account' to view or change your account information.

Why don't I get emails from you?
If you used our 'Forgot my Password' form to retrieve your password and did not receive an email from us, it is most likely due to your email provider thinking it was spam and putting it in the spam folder. Check your spam folder.

Does your website store my personal information?
When you purchase products from USA People Search, you will be required to enter your credit card information so you can be billed. This information is stored in our secure, firewalled, encrypted databases.

If I give you my email are you going to spam me?
No! When you purchase a product from USA People Search for the first time, we require a valid email address. In order to better serve you we need to be able to communicate with you. Don't worry, we aren't going to give out your email address to anyone!

How do I remove myself from your database?
USA People Search makes it easy to remove your records from this site. Use our Opt Out Page to find and remove your records quickly.

Please Note: we will remove your records from this and other sites under our control, but we cannot remove your records from other public records sites that are not under our control.

Do I need cookies enabled to use this site?
Yes, this site requires that you have cookies enabled. Certain security programs like Norton and others have "features" that block cookies. This will absolutely degrade your internet surfing experience as almost all sites make use of cookies. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. They are not used to get your personal information. We use them to save the sort you have selected, or to check to see if you are logged in, things like that.