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Bankruptcy Records Search, Tax Liens & Judgment Records

Use our advanced name search to get more precise results. On USA People Search you can view up to 20 years of bankruptcy records, state and federal tax liens, and civil judgment records for both people and businesses.

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Conducting a Bankruptcy Records Search

Many people search for bankruptcy records, tax liens, and judgment records every day. Some of the most common reasons people perform bankruptcy records searches include:

  • Looking into the financial history of a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Browsing public records of a potential business partner
  • Analyzing credit history for the purchase of property
  • Auditing finances when applying for a loan or line of credit
  • And much more!

Looking above it is obvious that there are many different reasons why someone would perform a bankruptcy records search, as well as search for tax lien information and civil judgment records. No matter your reason, conduct your search on